Does Your Child Need to Improve Their Reading Level Before School Starts?

Fast forword and clear fluency academic camps for reading and cognition. online and in Surrey. west coast centre for learning

Summer is a crucial time to keep the momentum of learning alive, especially for students who benefit the most from continuous educational engagement. The transition from structured school days to the relaxed pace of summer often leads to the "summer slide," where academic achievements start to decrease, potentially setting students back as they re-enter school in the fall.

Recognizing this challenge, West Coast Centre for Learning introduces our Online Academic Improvement Camp, an innovative solution designed to counteract this educational backslide.

Build Confident Readers, Speakers, and Lifelong Learners

Combat Summer Setbacks with Our Brain Fitness Training Solution

Fast forword and clear fluency academic camps for reading and cognition. online and in Surrey. west coast centre for learning

By integrating elements from the highly effective Fast ForWord reading program and Clear Fluency, our academic camp ensures that learning not only continues through the summer but does so in an engaging and enjoyable manner. This unique camp focuses on focuses on building cognitive skills by:

  • Creating a Solid Cognitive Foundation: Laying the groundwork for learning enhancement
  • Enhancing Reading Skills: Training in reading fluency and comprehension across various levels.

On average, participants in our online Academic Improvement Camps experience remarkable improvements—advancing 1-2 grade levels in their reading skills over the summer!

Our Online Reading Improvement Camp Requires

Academic improvement camps online and in south Surrey. west coast centre for learning

Our Online Brain Booster Camps Have 2 Available Programs:


The Fast ForWord reading program is tailored for children, using neuroscience to enhance learning capabilities. It focuses on improving memory, attention, and processing skills, which are crucial for language and reading development. The reading program provides personalized, adaptive learning paths, supported by professional coaching, and is conveniently accessible online or via iPad. 

Cost: $795 

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The Clear Fluency Reading Program welcomes all children, including those learning English and readers looking to enhance their skills. In Clear Fluency, children will take part in a personalized journey to boost their vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. With our tailored online coaching, students receive immediate, constructive oral feedback as they read aloud, ensuring corrections and guidance when needed. 

Cost: $395 

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Registration Opens April 2024!

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