Navigating the Holidays with Autism: Tips and Support from Our Centre

Natasha Young

Autism programs online and in Surrey to help your child navigate the holiday season effectively.

For individuals with autism, the holiday season can be both exciting and overwhelming. Bright lights, loud music, and bustling social gatherings pose unique challenges for those with ADS. Our centre in Surrey offers specialized autism programs. These programs help to give families strategies for a joyful holiday experience.

4 Practical Strategies for a Comfortable Season

  1. Consistent Routines: Maintaining routines during the holidays is key. We advocate for advance preparation to manage changes. Our programs provide tools like visual schedules, making holiday events predictable and less daunting.
  2. Creating a Sensory-Friendly Space: We share tips for a sensory-friendly holiday environment. This includes setting up quiet areas away from the festive chaos and choosing decorations that are comforting, not overwhelming.
  3. Social Skills in Focus: The programs also enhance social skills, tailored for holiday interactions. We cover essential aspects like understanding cues, managing greetings, and navigating conversations in festive settings.
  4. Encouraging Self-Advocacy: We empower individuals with autism to voice their needs. Developing self-advocacy is a focus in our training, ensuring everyone’s comfort during the festivities.
  5. Be Mindful of What You Eat: During the holidays, we suggest minimizing sugar and red food dye intake to support better mood regulation and reduce potential overstimulation for individuals with autism.

Support Extends to Families

Families are crucial during the holidays. Our autism programs in Surrey include resources and workshops for families. These sessions offer insights and tools for supporting loved ones with autism, ensuring inclusive and enjoyable celebrations for all. Our goal is to make the holidays a more enjoyable, stress-free time for individuals with autism. With the right support and practical strategies, the festive season can be embraced with confidence and happiness. Our centre in Surrey is committed to providing this support, ensuring a fulfilling holiday experience for individuals with autism and their families.

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