Career Counselling for High School Graduates: Wired for Work’s Unique Approach

Natasha Young

high school career counselling at west coast centre for learning

Navigating Your Future with Career Counselling

Choosing a career path as you transition from high school to university is crucial. This decision shapes your future, and Wired for Work’s career counselling is here to guide you. Our program is designed to align your strengths and interests with a fulfilling career path. Wired for Work specifically targets Grade 12 and university students, as well as young adults considering a career shift or returning to post-secondary education. As a high school student facing career decisions, this program offers invaluable guidance. Our career counselling approach centers on the Birkman Assessment, highly regarded by top universities and career counsellors. This isn’t just a test; it’s an exploration of your professional preferences and strengths. It helps you identify your ideal work environment and discover tasks that energize you.

Discovering Your Path

Wired for Work creates a supportive space for self-discovery. In our career counselling sessions, you’ll explore:

  • Industries that match your passions and skills.
  • Your most effective work style.
  • What energizes and drains you in work and life.
  • Your unique strengths in the workplace.
  • Key factors for your career success.

You’ll emerge from our program with a clear vision of your career path and the confidence to follow it.

Your Coaching Roadmap

The Wired for Work package includes three focused virtual coaching sessions:

  1. Session 1 (2 hours): We start by analyzing your Birkman report, understanding your unique work preferences.
  2. Session 2 (1 hour): Then, we strategize actionable steps towards your career goals.
  3. Session 3 (1 hour): Finally, we tackle potential barriers and plan ways to overcome them.

Wired for Work goes beyond traditional career counselling; it’s a personalized journey towards your future. As you prepare for university, let us help you unveil a career path that perfectly aligns with your strengths and interests. If you would like more information on this program, you can find it HERE.