Does Your Child Need a Reading Boost?

clear fluency reading program online . help with learning disabilities, dyslexia and more. west cost centre for learning

Sound Familiar? Your child:

  • Is bright, but reading feels like a struggle
  • Has a hard time focusing on written words or listening to stories
  • Often forgets what they've just read
  • Faces challenges with reading fluently and understanding text
  • Shows little interest in reading and feels exhausted after
  • Doubts their own reading abilities

ClearFluency could be the next step in supporting your child's reading journey, building on their foundational skills for more fluent and confident reading.

Research Shows the Clear Fluency Improves Fluency and Reading Proficiency.

What is ClearFluency?

ClearFluency is a distinctive online reading coach, designed to boost vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension across diverse age and ability levels, including English learners and advanced readers. It complements Fast ForWord by allowing practical application of learned skills, enhancing students' reading journey.

Beyond just reading words, ClearFluency emphasizes accuracy, pace, and expression, acting like a personal tutor for reading and comprehension. With unique features like real-time oral feedback, it supports students precisely when they need it, fostering a love for reading.

ClearFluency (Reading Assistant) enhances curriculum by providing students with the tools they need for accurate and expressive reading and speaking. This fluency tool boosts engagement and comprehension within your literacy curriculum with:

Personalized Support

Our unique technology offers immediate correction as students read aloud, enhancing their ability to self-correct, reinforcing vocabulary, and improving fluency.


Age-Appropriate Content

Our extensive library of texts caters to diverse interests and reading levels, ensuring students remain engaged and read with comprehension.

Personal Choices

By choosing their own reading materials, students take charge of their learning, boosting their confidence and engagement in the reading process.


Beyond fluency, our program enriches vocabulary and comprehension, encouraging students to understand and contextualize new words through relevant questions.

How ClearFluency Reading Program Works

clearfluency reading program online . help with learning disabilities, dyslexia and more. west cost centre for learning

Children, wearing headsets with microphones, read aloud from stories on a computer or iPad. The software provides real-time feedback on mispronunciations, offering a judgment-free zone for practice. ClearFluency also includes vocabulary assistance and a comprehension quiz to ensure understanding and progress.

The process starts with listening to a fluent model reading, followed by vocabulary preview. Students then record their reading, with immediate corrections for any mistakes, encouraging multiple attempts for fluency. Each session concludes with a comprehension quiz to assess understanding, embodying the motto "Never miss another teachable moment."

Who Benefits from Reading Programs?

clearfluency reading program online . help with learning disabilities, dyslexia and more. west cost centre for learning

ClearFluency is designed to cater to a wide range of learning needs, offering support not just in improving reading skills but also in building confidence and independence in learners with diverse challenges like:

  • Auditory Processing Disorder
  • ADD & ADHD
  • Autism & Asperger's Syndrome
  • Language Learning Difficulties
  • English Language Learners (ELL)
  • Speech Delays & Impairments

Perfect for students at school or home learners. Online access makes the program easy to implement anywhere. Students can see their own progress and monitor their own improvement on reading selections. Your child’s coach can use data to determine students’ areas of need regarding comprehension, fluency, etc.

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