What Is Cogmed Working Memory Training?

Cogmed Working Memory Training® is an interactive, computer-based program designed to improve working memory and attention. It features a series of engaging, adaptive exercises that gradually increase in difficulty as the student's abilities improve. Over the course of several weeks, students commit to regular training sessions, each lasting about 30 to 45 minutes. A key component of Cogmed is the personalized coaching, where trained professionals provide support, monitor progress, and help set goals. This structured approach ensures that users not only participate in cognitive exercises but also receive guidance and feedback, optimizing the training's effectiveness in enhancing cognitive functions.

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How does Cogmed Work?

Discover the transformative power of Cogmed Working Memory Training®. This innovative, computer-based program is expertly crafted to strengthen working memory and sharpen attention. Engage in a series of dynamic, adaptive exercises, each thoughtfully designed to escalate in complexity in sync with your growing abilities. Commit to your cognitive enhancement journey over several weeks, with each training session spanning 30 to 45 minutes. The cornerstone of Cogmed is its personalized coaching. Here, experienced professionals offer tailored support, track your progress, and assist in goal-setting. This comprehensive approach ensures a holistic training experience, where you're not just practicing cognitive exercises, but are also guided and encouraged every step of the way. Embrace Cogmed’s method for an optimized and effective enhancement of your cognitive skills.

Does Cogmed for ADHD Work?
  • 75% of children with ADHD are more attentive after completing a full Cogmed program.
  • 72% reported an improved ability to pay attention in their everyday life.
  • 80% of children improve in math after 5 weeks of training.
  • 50% average reduction in learning impairment among children & adolescents with ADHD.

Why is Working Memory Important and Who Can Benefit?

Working memory is crucial as it's the brain's processing hub, where we temporarily hold and manipulate information. It's essential for daily tasks like following conversations, problem-solving, and learning. Strong working memory is linked to success in academic and professional settings, as it underpins critical thinking and attention management.

Working memory training is beneficial for a wide range of children and young adults. It's particularly helpful for individuals with ADHD and those struggling with academic challenges, professionals seeking to enhance their cognitive skills, and older adults aiming to maintain their mental agility. Additionally, children with attention deficits, learning disabilities, or brain injury-related impairments can see substantial improvements in their daily cognitive functions through this training.

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What Makes Cogmed Different?

Discover the unique approach of Cogmed's cognitive training. Unlike other products that focus on skill learning, Cogmed enhances the brain's fundamental capacity for learning through neuroplasticity. This focused training improves working memory, enabling easier acquisition of new skills and better focus, crucial for academic, social, and professional success. Cogmed stands out with its research-backed methodology and personalized coaching approach, offering a targeted solution that goes beyond vague claims to deliver specific, substantial benefits.

Cogmed working memory program. executive functioning program. online. surrey

Why Choose Us?

Our certified Cogmed Working Memory Training® coaches are committed to unlocking children's full potential. We provide personalized, supportive Cogmed training to ensure the best results. Ready to transform your child's life with Cogmed? Reach out to us for more details or to arrange an initial consultation.

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