Unlock Your Child's Potential With Executive Function

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Does This Sound Like Your Child?

  • Struggles to focus on tasks or activities for extended periods
  • Has difficulty organizing tasks and managing their time effectively
  • Frequently forgets assignments or instructions
  • Seems to act impulsively or make decisions without considering the consequences
  • Experiences challenges in starting tasks or shifting focus between activities
  • Appears easily frustrated with complex tasks, leading to emotional outbursts
  • Shows difficulty in retaining information or following multi-step directions

We Can Help Empower Your Child With the Tools to Thrive. Discover the Support they Need to Shine Bright.

Why Executive Function Camps Are Important for Children

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If you're noticing your child faces challenges that seem to go beyond the typical energy and curiosity of childhood, they might be navigating the complexities of ADHD and executive function difficulties. Our executive function camps can help!

Executive functioning programs play a crucial role in the lives of children. They target key cognitive skills essential for planning, focusing, remembering instructions, and multitasking. Children with ADHD and EF challenges often find it difficult to navigate the demands of these executive skills. Such challenges affect everything from classroom behavior to social interactions and homework. But it’s not just kids with ADD/ADHD that can benefit, all kids can benefit because executive functioning skills are not something you’re born with, they are learned skills!


In our interactive EF Skills Summer Camp, campers engage in activities designed to enhance their planning, organizing, and social skills, fostering a sense of independence and self-advocacy. Through daily practice, they develop a foundation for success, learning to self-monitor and take ownership of their progress. The camp combines end-of-day reflections, peer sharing, and fun learning methods like games and role-play, creating a supportive environment where campers can flourish while enjoying their summer.

This camp is a joyful space for building essential life skills in a supportive, engaging setting.

Executive Function Camps Help Children With:
  • Organization
  • Time Management
  • Advocating for themselves
  • Self-Regulation
  • Interpersonal skills and Socializing
  • Homework
  • Retaining information
  • Difficulty transitioning
  • Low self-awareness
  • Motivational issues
  • Get bored very easily
  • Becoming overwhelmed easily
  • Prioritizing
  • Pacing themselves

Executive Function Camps: Registration Opens March 15

Executive Function Camp
Cost $395
Duration 5 days
Dates July 8 - 12
Time 9am to Noon
Location North Surrey
Ages 8 - 13 years

Registration Closed

Executive Function Skills Camp
Cost $395
Duration 5 days
Dates July 22 - 26
Time 1pm to 4pm
Location North Surrey
Ages 13 - 18 years

Registration Closed

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