Are Executive Function Skills The Unsung Hero Behind Movie Magic?

Natasha Young

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Have you ever wondered what makes your favorite movie characters so successful, especially when you feel like you are anything but? It’s not just their bravery or strength, it’s actually their executive function skills! These skills, that many of us didn’t even know we had, are the actual heroes behind the scenes. In this post, we’ll explore how these skills play out in 3 iconic movie characters and how they can apply to real life.

Hermione Granger

  • Planning and Organization:

    Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series is a perfect example of the exceptional planning and organizational skills seen in executive functioning. She often takes the lead in planning adventures, seeing potential challenges, and preparing everybody accordingly. Whether it’s creating a timetable for studying or devising a plan to tackle obstacles, her ability to organize and plan is crucial to success. Without Hermione and her executive functioning skills, Harry would not be nearly as heroic.

  • Working Memory:

    Hermione also has a very strong working memory, an important aspect of executive function. Her ability to recall information quickly and apply it to solve problems in the moment is remarkable. From remembering spells to recalling crucial pieces of information at just the right time, her working memory plays a pivotal role in navigating the magical and often perilous world of Hogwarts. This is especially impressive to those of us that can’t remember why we even walked into a room!

Tony Stark (Iron Man)

  • Cognitive Flexibility:

    Tony Stark, the brain behind Iron Man, is a perfect example of cognitive flexibility – an executive function skill essential for adapting to new situations and solving complex problems. Tony’s ability to modify his Iron Man suit for different challenges showcases his innovative thinking and adaptability. Whether he is navigating the intricacies of cutting edge technology or the emotional complexities of being a superhero, his flexible thinking is key to his success.

  • Impulse Control:

    If have watched Iron Man, then you know that in the beginning, Tony was known for his impulsive decisions. These movies show that Tony’s journey as Iron Man is one of learning impulse control. Over time, he learns to think ahead, weigh the consequences of his actions, and make more strategic choices rather than acting without thinking. This growth in impulse control is evident in his leadership within the Avengers and in his personal life, demonstrating how mastering this skill is crucial for making thoughtful, effective decisions.

Bruce Wayne (Batman)

  • Strategic Thinking and Organization:

    Bruce Wayne, or better known to us as Batman, is a master strategist. His ability to plan and organize, whether it’s strategizing to protect Gotham City or managing his secret life, showcases exceptional executive function skills. He’s always several steps ahead of his adversaries, like Joker, thanks to his meticulous planning and organizational abilities.

  • Emotional Regulation:

    It is well known that Bruce Wayne had a very difficult childhood and that he carried the weight of that for most of his adult life. However, despite his difficult past , Bruce Wayne excels in emotional regulation. He learned to channel his emotions into motivation rather than letting them overpower his judgment. This aspect of executive function is crucial in his role as Gotham’s protector, where staying calm and focused is vital.

Applying Movie Lessons to Real Life

These characters teach us valuable lessons about executive functioning. In real life, these skills help us manage daily tasks, make plans, and adapt to changes. They’re essential for both personal and academic success. Executive functioning skills are vital for everyone, especially for those with ADHD. They help those with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder manage time, stay organized, and focus on goals. Improving these skills can lead to a more structured and successful life.

Bringing Movie Magic to Learning

At West Coast Centre for Learning, we understand the importance of executive function. That’s why we offer specialized executive function and ADHD programs. Our programs help children and adults enhance these crucial skills. Just like movie heroes, our students learn to harness their executive function skills to succeed in their own adventures. If you would like more information on our ADHD programs you can click HERE or CONTACT someone from our centre to see how we can help you.