Fast ForWord for Learning Disabilities: How to Transform a Mixed Up Mind

Natasha Young


In tackling learning challenges such as dyslexia, innovative solutions like the Fast ForWord program for learning disabilities is essential. At West Coast Centre for Learning, we utilize this acclaimed program to significantly enhance the learning experience and help children find reading success.

What is Fast ForWord?

The Fast ForWord program for learning disabilities is an award-winning, research-based online resource for children, teens, and young adults. It enhances the brain’s learning abilities by focusing on language, reading, and cognitive skills. Consequently, this approach transforms challenges into opportunities for educational growth. Moreover, based on over 30 years of neuroscience research, Fast ForWord optimizes cognitive development. Just like how athletes train their bodies, this program strengthens the brain through repetitive and increasingly challenging exercises. As a result, students develop enhanced learning and information processing capabilities.

A unique aspect of the program is that each learner’s experience is personally tailored. The system adapts to individual skill levels, ensuring a customized and effective learning path. Additionally, our professional coaches at West Coast Centre for Learning offer targeted support, enhancing the effectiveness of the program. The program’s accessibility is also a key benefit. Available online and on an iPad, it integrates into various educational settings effortlessly. This flexibility ensures that students can engage with the program in environments most conducive to their learning.

Importantly, the Fast ForWord program for learning disabilities has a proven track record. Students frequently achieve remarkable improvements in language and reading skills. In fact, research shows advancements of up to two years in just a few months.

At West Coast Centre for Learning, our commitment is to empower students with learning disabilities. The Fast ForWord program plays a crucial role in this mission, offering a pathway to not only overcome challenges but also to excel academically and personally. For more information on this fantastic program, please click HERE.