Fast ForWord: Neuroscience-Based Reading Program

Fast ForWord program for reading and cognition and learning disabilities. west cost centre for learning

West Coast Centre for Learning proudly presents Fast ForWord, tailored for teens and young adults to enhance advanced reading skills, executive functions, and academic strategies. This cutting-edge software addresses challenges like ADHD, social difficulties, and study stress through neuroscience-based cognitive development.  Fast ForWord uniquely focuses on building cognitive skills by:

  • Creating a Solid Cognitive Foundation: Laying the groundwork for learning enhancement
  • Enhancing Reading Skills: Training in reading fluency and comprehension across various levels.

Offering personalized support in the US and Canada, this innovative program promotes significant progress when used:

Fast ForWord program for reading and cognition and learning disabilities. west cost centre for learning

Revolutionizing Learning: The Science Behind Fast ForWord

Fast ForWord stands at the forefront of enhancing brain-based learning, employing a suite of computerized exercises to boost key cognitive skills. It targets memory, attention, and processing speed, foundational to academic excellence.

By integrating neuroscience principles, this incredible reading program offers a progressively challenging curriculum, fostering significant growth in language and reading abilities. This strategic approach ensures learners develop and refine the critical skills needed for educational success.

Fast ForWord Targets the Causes of Most Reading Delays

Fast ForWord program for reading and cognition and learning disabilities. west cost centre for learning
Empowering Diverse Learners: Who Can Benefit?

Fast ForWord program for reading and cognition and learning disabilities. west cost centre for learning

The Fast ForWord reading program is highly effective for teens and young adults, enhancing reading and language development for those facing challenges such as:

  • Specific language impairment
  • Specific learning disability
  • Autism, Asperger's, PDD-NOS
  • Dyslexia
  • Central Auditory Processing Disorder
  • Hearing Impairment (Hearing Aids, Cochlear Implants...)
  • Reading and Writing Weakness
  • General academic weakness
  • Delayed language development or history thereof

This tailored approach focuses on advancing cognitive skills, enriching language comprehension, and elevating reading proficiency to meet the complex needs of older learners.

Unlocking Potential in All Students With a Customized Journey

Fast ForWord reading program online the us and canada

The Fast ForWord reading program at home offers a tailored educational experience, starting each learner at just the right level and adapting in real-time to their interactions. This ensures a truly personalized learning journey, supported by dedicated coaches to foster continuous progress. Available online or via iPad, the program offers unparalleled flexibility for learning anywhere—perfect for home, school, or on the go. All that's needed is an internet connection, a computer or iPad, noise-cancelling headphones, and a quiet space.

Tailored for a mature audience, Fast ForWord enriches language and reading skills, catering to those with specific learning challenges or seeking to excel in academic and professional environments. This approach nurtures higher-level cognitive skills, promoting enhanced language comprehension and reading proficiency essential for success in complex scenarios.

Empowering Every Learner: Personalized Path to Success

The Fast ForWord program showcases many success stories, one of which is Amanda Miller's. As an athlete with dreams of pursuing volleyball at the university level, Amanda faced challenges due to dyslexia. Her journey with Fast ForWord illustrates how the system helped her overcome these obstacles, enabling her to continue chasing her dreams in the sporting world. This example highlights the program's potential to make a significant impact on users' academic and personal aspirations.

With Fast ForWord, we've witnessed transformative results
  • Over 3 million students aided globally across 50+ countries.
  • Backed by 300+ efficacy and research studies.
  • Protected by 55 patents in neuroscience and education.
  • On average, students increase 1.5 - 2 grade levels on completion of the program.

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