How ADHD Programs and Support Are Helping Families Navigate Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder

Natasha Young

ADHD Programs and Support in Surrey, Vancouver and Online

Finding the right ADHD programs and support is crucial for children and families navigating the complexities of ADHD. At West Coast Centre for Learning, we recognize the unique challenges faced by those with ADHD in Surrey and beyond. Our comprehensive approach includes the innovative ‘THRIVE – ADHD + Me!’ program, The Movement Program, dedicated Executive Function Coaching, Cogmed working memory training, and PEERS programs tailored to enhance social skills. Below we will outline our programs tailored to engage and assist with ADHD.

THRIVE Program: Fostering Success Beyond Traditional Learning

West Coast Centre for Learning’s THRIVE program is a dynamic nine-week course designed to elevate the potential of children with ADHD. It integrates hands-on instruction and physical activity to not only support but enhance students’ abilities to manage their diagnosis. Each THRIVE session kicks off with a detailed agenda, emphasizing the importance of routine for focus and stability. We actively engage students in understanding their ADHD minds, promoting self-awareness and fostering a positive self-view. Key to the program are twice-weekly 30-minute fitness sessions that stimulate both body and brain. These aren’t ordinary workouts; they’re tailored to harness attention and focus by stimulating the brain’s frontal cortex and improving overall strength and stamina. THRIVE extends beyond ADHD to embrace siblings and children facing various challenges—from anxiety to executive function difficulties—creating a compassionate space for learning and growth.

Discover how THRIVE can make a difference for your family HERE.

Executive Function Coaching: Building Foundations for Independence

Our Executive Function Coaching program is the cornerstone of support for youths with ADHD, ADD, and learning or executive functioning challenges. We’re committed to imparting essential life skills, not just academic support, enabling children to master organizational, time management, and self-regulation techniques.

Launching with an in-depth discovery session, we gauge each child’s unique executive functioning profile, setting personalized goals. In subsequent one-on-one sessions, our coaches actively engage children in hands-on strategies to enhance their practical life skills.

Children with ADHD often encounter a spectrum of executive functioning hurdles. Our focused coaching addresses these, equipping them to:

  • Efficiently organize tasks and manage materials.
  • Navigate time management with precision.
  • Advocate effectively for personal needs.
  • Maintain emotional balance.
  • Hone social skills and relationship-building.
  • Approach homework strategically, reducing stress.
  • Improve retention and information recall.
  • Transition between tasks seamlessly.
  • Boost self-awareness and invigorate motivation.
  • Prioritize and manage tasks, tackling boredom proactively.
  • Cope with feeling overwhelmed.
  • Strategize for pacing and activity planning.

Our comprehensive support extends outside sessions via email, phone, or Zoom, providing a consistent support system. Tailored and collaborative, our coaching ensures skills learned are not just theoretical but actionable tools for success. For more information or to book a private coaching session, please click HERE.

At West Coast Centre for Learning, we believe every individual with ADHD holds the potential to excel. Our ADHD support extends beyond the classroom, offering a spectrum of ADHD programs in Surrey to meet varied needs. From ‘THRIVE – ADHD + Me!’ to social skills development, our mission is to empower children and teens with ADHD to navigate their world with confidence and success.