West Coast Centre for Learning's online and in-person reading and learning programs

A little about us

West Coast Centre for Learning is a premium multi-disciplinary learning centre in Surrey, BC consisting of Education Professionals from the Academic and Scientific community. We provide non-invasive and drug free solutions through proven, research based programs supported by our professional coaches.

Our local consultants provide resource supports to individuals and their families, struggling with challenges to learning, memory and personal capacity development. West Coast Centre for Learning is dedicated to customizing successful learning approaches for children, youth, adults and older adults with learning difficulties and memory challenges affecting personal choice and equal access to quality educational opportunities.

At West Coast Centre for Learning we are set apart in our industry by offering dynamic one-on-one professional coaching and innovative on-line brain development and educational technology services conveniently accessible under one roof including: Level B Assessments, Professionally Accredited Cognitive Coaching, Reading Interventions, Brain Fitness & PEERS Programs. Additionally, our learning centre provides Executive Function Social Skills Coaching, Wellness & Professional Development Workshops and participate in public speaking engagements.

WCCL brings over 25 years experience in working with individuals to enhance their mental wellness and achieve life-changing results.

Our Goals

The Primary Goals for the Professional Team at WCCL are:

Family-oriented programs for online and in-person learning at West Coast Centre

To support individuals and families, struggling with learning challenges and interpersonal development.

Consulting and Reading and literacy programs available both online and in-person at West Coast Centre for Learning

To foster a positive and stimulating educational and social environment which advocates for children, youth and adult learners reach their full potential.

Autism support programs online and in-person at West Coast Centre for Learning

To advocate for and empower all individuals, by providing an inclusive and mutually respectful learning environment resulting in increased self-confidence and self-esteem.

Online reading and learning programs at West Coast Centre for Learning

To provide extensively researched scientific products supported by professionally accredited educators and coaches who are committed to increasing learning capacity.

Our Mission & Vision

The Primary Goals for the Professional Team at WCCL are:

Social and reading programs offered online and in-person in British Columbia


We believe in creating and supporting lifelong learning opportunities in which everyone has the right to learn and develop at their own pace within a safe, nurturing and respectful environment.

As education professionals, we are guided by the acquisition of the best programs the Scientific and Academic Communities have to offer, in order to support inclusive and equal access to learning development, respectful of each person’s unique learning potential, and socio-economic position.

Auditory programs available online and in-person at West Coast Centre for Learning


It is our mission to advocate for and empower all individuals to access their learning goals and potential within a mutually respectful and inclusive person centred coaching environment that promotes and supports ongoing Brain Health and Mental Wellness.

Who We Serve

Our clientele is comprised of a diverse population of learners with varying intellectual abilities. West Coast Centre for Learning is proud to support the following user groups by offering programs & leading edge technology backed by extensive clinical research findings from the scientific and academic community.

  • Children & Youth
  • Individuals with learning challenges such as: Dyslexia, ADD or ADHD, ASD, Central Auditory Processing Disorder, Specific Language Impairment, Learning Disabilities, Social Anxiety, and cognitive delays
  • English Language Learners
  • Adult Memory Support, Traumatic Brain Injury, Workplace Injury and Stroke Recovery Assistance
  • Veterans & their families
  • Older Adult Brain Health & Memory Loss prevention