Relational Training - Spring 2023
Cost $249
Date May 19
Day Friday
Location TBA (Surrey)
Duration 1 session
Time 9am - 4pm

Mandt for Families

Building Positive Family Interactions

mandt training for families at west coast centre for learning in surrey
Mandt for Families offers a person-centered, values-based approach to enhance family interactions. Delivered through three 90-minute Zoom sessions, this program focuses on fostering positive dynamics within the family unit. It introduces the vital concept that self-management and control are key to better interactions with others. By mastering self-control, family members can engage more positively and constructively.

Empowering Families Through New Behaviors

mandt training for families at west coast centre for learning in surrey

The core of Mandt for Families lies in replacing challenging behaviors with new, empowering ones. This program teaches families to recognize and replace behaviors that disrupt harmony. By adopting these new behaviors, family members feel safer and more empowered in their relationships. This sense of security is crucial for healthy development, growth, learning, work, play, and overall family living. It paves the way for a nurturing environment where every family member can thrive.

Building Positive Family Interactions

Mandt for Families equips participants with essential skills for relationship building and conflict resolution. It emphasizes the importance of understanding unmet needs behind challenging behaviors and resolving conflicts in ways that foster healthy relationships. Mandt also underscores the significance of dignity, respect, and a relationship-based approach in parenting and caregiving. It advocates for a progressive system of interaction that uses the least restrictive means, ensuring a respectful and supportive family environment. In a home grounded in positive relationships, families can raise children in an atmosphere of love, meeting their physical and emotional needs, and teaching them dignity and respect for all. The Mandt System® helps build this strong foundation, making every family member feel safe and valued.

How Mandt Helps Families
  • Teaches families to recognize unmet needs as the reason for behaviours often labeled as challenging
  • Teaches families to resolve conflict in ways that maintain or build healthy relationships rather than tearing them down
  • Provides insight into the importance of approaching parenting and caregiving as a relationship-based process
  • Impresses the belief that all family members have the right to be treated with dignity and respect
  • Teaches a gradually progressive system of alternatives that involves the least restrictive means of interpersonal interaction

Available Training Coming Soon

Registration includes materials and attendance for parent/s. Autism Funding can be used.

Please contact Kristi Rigg at for more information.

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