Mastering Social Cues with PEERS for Young Adults

Natasha Young

peers social skills programs for Teens and Young Adults ADHD, Autism, Learning Disabilities & More

Navigating social situations can be a challenge, especially for some young adults trying to understand the confusing nature of social skills. The PEERS for Young Adults program social skills training in Surrey and online offers a lifeline, providing invaluable skills for creating meaningful connections. Through a blend of practical exercises and real-world observation, participants unlock the secrets to effective communication and relationship-building. At the heart of our PEERS program is a commitment to understanding verbal subtleties, body language, and facial expressions. Our curriculum emphasizes the importance of observation in everyday settings, such as malls or food courts, enabling our young adults to read and respond to social situations with confidence.

Innovative Learning Methods

Our approach to teaching social skills is interactive. Through role-playing scenarios, young adults ages 18-30 step into realistic social situations, learning to navigate conversations and relationships. Video modeling offers visual examples of social interactions, providing clear insights. Group discussions encourage young adults to share experiences and strategies, fostering a supportive learning community. Additionally, weekly connections with fellow group members reinforce these skills, encouraging practice in safe, personal contexts.

Structured for Success

The program’s structure is designed with progress in mind. Over the first 8 weeks, participants focus on building the foundation for healthy friendships. Understanding how to interact platonically is crucial for anyone before considering jumping into a romantic relationship. These social skills lessons pave the way for the next 5 weeks, where the focus shifts to cultivating romantic relationships in our PEERS Dating Bootcamp program. Key lessons include expressing interest, asking someone on a date, and handling invitations with grace—whether accepting or declining.

PEERS for Young Adults social skills training in Surrey is more than just a course; it’s a journey towards mastering social interactions. By combining practical exercises with opportunities for real-world application, participants develop not only their ability to interpret social cues but also their capacity for building lasting relationships. Whether you’re looking to enhance your friendships or step confidently into the dating world, PEERS provides the tools for success.

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