Are you struggling due to weak cognitive skills?

If you are struggling to keep up with school, work or everyday tasks and find that these challenges impede on your quality of life, we are here to help. West Coast Centre for Learning is your Cognitive Fitness Training Centre. Our three step process is simple, easy and effective as it helps to uncover the underlying reason for cognitive challenges. Whether you are recovering from a concussion, stroke, brain injury, been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD or simply feel that your cognition is slipping, we can help. Our Cognitive Fitness Coaches are the key to the successful completion of our programs and every client is paired with a coach who provides assistance, motivation and encouragement. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Explore Our Three-Step Process


Family-oriented programs for online and in-person learning at West Coast Centre

Cognitive Skills Assessment

When you are ready to take the first step, we will set you up with our Online Cognitive skills Assessment which takes approximately 40 mins to complete. The assessment is designed to provide insight into your strengths and weaknesses and help uncover exactly what is holding you back.


Consulting and Reading and literacy programs available both online and in-person at West Coast Centre for Learning


We'll discuss the results of your Assessment and explain which of our programs will best benefit your cognitive abilities. This is when many of our clients have an "Aha!" moment, as we reveal the "why" behind the struggles they've been experiencing at work, at school, and in life. From here, we can customize a program that fits your specific needs.


Executive function and cognition programs online and in-person at West Coast Centre for Learning

Customized Training Program

We will pair you with a personal cognitive fitness coach to help guide you through your training. Coaches help with problem areas and provide encouragement and motivation where you need it most!