Understanding Reading and Cognition

Reading and cognition are foundational elements in understanding and interacting with the world for teens and young adults. This encompasses not just the ability to decode words and sentences, but also involves complex cognitive processes such as comprehension, critical thinking, and the integration of knowledge across different contexts. As individuals grow, reading and cognition skills become essential in navigating academic materials, social interactions, and eventually, professional environments. Enhancing these abilities prepares teens and young adults for a range of challenges and opportunities, highlighting the importance of targeted support in these areas.

Identifying the Difficulties in Reading and Cognition

Some teens and young adults face diverse challenges in reading and cognition due to conditions like dyslexia, ADHD, and ASD, impacting their ability to decode text, maintain focus, and comprehend nuanced language. These difficulties are unique to each individual, emphasizing the need for tailored support and interventions. The West Coast Centre for Learning addresses these needs with specialized reading programs designed to help adolescents and young adults overcome their specific obstacles, aiming for reading proficiency and success.

Reading and Cognition Programs for Teens and Young Adults

Cogmed Memory Training

Cogmed Working Memory Training is a targeted program that enhances working memory and attention with adaptive exercises. This computer-based training, supported by personalized coaching, is ideal for children aiming to boost cognitive functions.

Tailored to address challenges associated with ADHD and those struggling with academic challenges, it leverages neuroplasticity to improve focus and learning. Our executive functioning emphasis ensures participants receive practical, real-world strategies for noticeable cognitive enhancement. Cogmed stands out  because it goes beyond vague claims to deliver specific, substantial benefits.


Fast ForWord

The Fast ForWord reading program is tailored for children, using neuroscience to enhance learning capabilities. It focuses on improving memory, attention, and processing skills, which are crucial for language and reading development. The reading program provides personalized, adaptive learning paths, supported by professional coaching, and is conveniently accessible online or via iPad. It's designed for home use, schools, and after-school programs, demonstrating significant improvements in reading skills, with students potentially advancing up to two years within just three months.


The Listening Program

The Listening Program (TLP) is a music-based method tailored for children, designed to boost brain function and auditory processing skills. It supports kids with learning challenges, attention difficulties, and other related issues by using specially modified music. TLP aims to improve areas such as focus, communication, stress management, coordination, and creativity. Easy to access and use, it offers a beneficial approach for children with various auditory and neurodevelopmental conditions.


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