What are Reading and Cognition?

Reading goes beyond recognizing words, it's an essential activity that enriches our understanding and connects us with broader concepts. It engages our cognitive functions in a significant way, calling on memory to retain details, focus to navigate through the narrative, and language skills to interpret meanings. Reading stimulates various areas of the brain, fostering connections between new and existing knowledge, offering fresh perspectives, and contributing to our learning. The relationship between reading and cognition is fundamental, shaping our ability to absorb information, explore new ideas, and contribute meaningfully to discussions. It plays a crucial role in our ongoing development and how we interact with the information around us.

Who Faces Difficulties in Reading and Why?

Children encounter challenges with reading and cognition for a variety of reasons. Those with dyslexia,
for instance, may find decoding words and understanding text particularly strenuous, as their brains
process graphic symbols and phonetic sounds differently. Similarly, children with ADHD may struggle
to maintain focus on reading materials, affecting their comprehension and retention. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can also impact reading and cognition, especially in understanding figurative language
and social cues within texts. Additionally, conditions such as Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) and Specific Language Impairment (SLI) can indirectly influence reading abilities by affecting the cognitive processes that support learning. Each child's experience with reading and cognition is unique,
and understanding these differences is key to providing the right support and interventions. We at
West Coast Centre for Learning aim to offer reading programs that can help all children achieve
reading success no matter what is holding them back.

Reading and Cognition Programs at West Coast Centre for Learning 

Fast ForWord

The Fast ForWord reading program is tailored for children, using neuroscience to enhance learning capabilities. It focuses on improving memory, attention, and processing skills, which are crucial for language and reading development. The reading program provides personalized, adaptive learning paths, supported by professional coaching, and is conveniently accessible online or via iPad. It's designed for home use, schools, and after-school programs, demonstrating significant improvements in reading skills, with students potentially advancing up to two years within just three months.


Cogmed Memory Training

Cogmed Working Memory Training is a targeted program that enhances working memory and attention with adaptive exercises. This computer-based training, supported by personalized coaching, is ideal for children aiming to boost cognitive functions.

Tailored to address challenges associated with ADHD and those struggling with academic challenges, it leverages neuroplasticity to improve focus and learning. Our executive functioning emphasis ensures participants receive practical, real-world strategies for noticeable cognitive enhancement. Cogmed stands out  because it goes beyond vague claims to deliver specific, substantial benefits.


Clear Fluency

The Clear Fluency Reading Program welcomes all children, including those learning English and readers looking to enhance their skills. In Clear Fluency, children will take part in a personalized journey to boost their vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. With our tailored online coaching, students receive immediate, constructive oral feedback as they read aloud, ensuring corrections and guidance when needed. Reading programs like Clear Fluency offer diverse reading materials for differentiated learning, making it accessible from the comfort of home. Students and their coaches can easily track progress and identify areas for growth, fostering a supportive and productive learning environment.


The Listening Program

The Listening Program (TLP) is a music-based method tailored for children, designed to boost brain function and auditory processing skills. It supports kids with learning challenges, attention difficulties, and other related issues by using specially modified music. TLP aims to improve areas such as focus, communication, stress management, coordination, and creativity. Easy to access and use, it offers a beneficial approach for children with various auditory and neurodevelopmental conditions.


If you require more information on our programs or would like to speak with one of our experts, please feel free to contact us, we would be happy to help.

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