Are Attention Spans Shrinking?

Natasha Young

Attention Span Understanding and Combating Focus Issues. adhd programs at west coast

Do you find it hard to stay focused for more than a minute or two? Recent studies have shown an alarming decline in our attention spans. Let’s look into why this is happening and how West Coast Centre for Learning addresses it with specialized programs.

Educational Camps for Kids: Blending Digital and Hands-On Learning

Natasha Young

educational camps for autism and social skills. online and in Surrey. west coast centre for learning

Features of Our Educational Camps: Fostering Creativity through Hands-On Activities Our camps, including the innovative Online Reading Improvement Camp, offer opportunities for children to disconnect from screens and immerse themselves in creativity through activities like arts and crafts, and building projects. Campers participate in themed projects that nurture imagination while encouraging teamwork, providing a perfect blend of learning and fun. … Read More

Preventing the Summer Slide with Neuroaffirming Learning Adventures

Natasha Young

summer programs for adhd, autism, reading, learning delays, homework help, social skill and more. online and in Surrey. west cost centre for learning

Summer break is often a time to recharge, but it can also lead to the “summer slide,” where students lose academic progress. At West Coast Centre for Learning, our educational camps for kids prevent this with neuroaffirming practices, helping neurodiverse children keep learning and growing.

How to Enhance Your Memory: Tips and Tricks for Everyday Life

Natasha Young

cogmed working memory training and executive function help at at west coast centre for learning

Having a sharp memory is essential for navigating everyday demands. Whether you need to recall appointments, study for exams, or remember daily tasks, a strong memory is crucial. However, memory challenges can be more pronounced for people with ADHD, executive function problems, or learning disabilities.

Personal Development Through Mindfulness and Meditation

Natasha Young

meditation and mindfulness and how it transforms your personal development. west coast centre for learning

Mindfulness and meditation are powerful tools for personal development, offering paths to greater emotional, mental, and physical well-being. In fact, by focusing on the present and cultivating a state of awareness, individuals can experience profound changes in their approach to daily challenges and overall life satisfaction.

Rescheduled Webinar Announcement – Transform Your Cognitive Health

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programs for stress management, mental health, adhd and autism, social skills training and learning disabilities. online and in surrey. west coast centre for learning

Are you feeling overwhelmed by options yet still seeking the right support for yourself or your child? The Listening Program is a groundbreaking, drug-free therapy rooted in brain science. It offers help for families and professionals looking for effective developmental support.

Building Social Skills and Emotional Resilience with the Secret Agent Society Program

Natasha Young

Secret Agent Society Small Group Program for Autism. Online and in South Surrey

The Secret Agent Society (SAS) transforms social skills training into a thrilling spy-themed adventure. While originally developed for children aged 8-12 years on the autism spectrum, the evidence base has expanded over time to demonstrate meaningful change for children with a range of diagnostic and neurodiverse profiles.

Can Cooking Be Used as Therapy for Autism?

Natasha Young

programs for autism for children and teens. online and in person. west coast center for learning

Did you know that cooking is not just an essential life skill, it’s a therapeutic activity that can significantly benefit autistic teens and adults. Culinary therapy involves using the art of cooking to improve cognitive and sensory skills, promote independence, and enhance social interaction.

Chess and Strategic Thinking: Boosting Cognitive Development

Natasha Young

programs for cognitive development and social skills. cogmed working memory. executive functioning. peers for teens

Chess is not just a game, it’s a powerful tool for enhancing cognitive development and sharpen strategic thinking skills. This ancient game challenges the mind in unique ways, making it an excellent exercise for the brain at any age.