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Welcome to our Research Page, dedicated to providing valuable resources for families seeking insights into brain health, cognitive training, and educational interventions. Our commitment to advancing knowledge in these areas is reflected in the research links found below.


World’s First “Brain Vital Signs” Revolutionizes The Science Behind Brain Health
Simon Fraser University researchers hope that a brain vital-sign test becomes as routine during a doctor’s check-up as taking a blood pressure or heart rate measurement.
SFU researchers, led by professor Ryan D’Arcy with partners from the Mayo Clinic, Sheba Medical Centre in Israel and local high-tech company HealthTech Connex Inc., are developing a more accessible means to monitor brain health.

Time Magazine: Retraining Your Brain (PDF)

Nature Science Journal article (1997) (PDF)

Kavli Prize Winner for 2016 (External Link)

Computerized cognitive training improves childhood cancer survivors’ attention and memory (External Link)


Cogmed Research and Published Papers (External Link)

NEW Computer based Treatment for Cognitive Impairments, announced by Pearson Education and Hasomed, of Germany (External Link)


How the Brain Learns: The Science Behind Fast ForWord (40 minutes)
Dr. Marty Burns talks about the science behind the program and the value of working with a provider.

Neuroscience illuminating the influence of auditory or phonological intervention on language-related deficits – Ylinen, S. & Kujala, T. (2015)
This research demonstrates that interventions involving phonological and auditory tasks (Fast ForWord) have repeatedly gained remedial effects in dyslexia, SLI, and LLI through changes in both brain function and brain anatomy.

Electrocortical Dynamics in Children with a Language-Learning Impairment Before and After Audiovisual Training – Heim, S., Choudhury, N., & Benasich, A. (2015)
This research confirms that Fast ForWord Language significantly improves language scores in children with LLI and also increases their active “listening skills” for rapid auditory changes.

Autism Update: New research, evidence-based intervention (PDF)

BC Schools Fast ForWord gains (PDF)

Language to Literacy White Paper (PDF)