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Secret Agent Society Program. Social skills training in surrey, BC.
Attention, Cadets between the ages of 8 and 12! Are you ready to dive into the mysterious world of social skills and emotional regulation with a revolutionary social skills program? In our program, you will assemble with a team of eager peers to decode the complex language of feelings and behaviors. You will begin your adventure in the Cadet Club Meetings where you'll amass secret codes and cutting-edge gadgets. Following this, brace yourself for thrilling missions that will challenge you to deploy your newly-acquired spy skills across the diverse landscapes of home, school, and play.

What is the SAS Small Group Social Skills Program?

secret agent society social skills and emotional regulation program
Originating from the University of Queensland, the SAS social skills program captivates young minds with its spy-themed, gamified learning activities. This includes children with autism, ADHD, and anxiety disorders, as well as those struggling with social skills and emotional regulation and response. Interactive computer games and dynamic, clinician-led sessions immerse children in a world where learning is empowering.

Who offers the Secret Agent Society Program?

secret agent society social skills and emotional regulation program
We're thrilled to break new ground as British Columbia's exclusive provider of the Secret Agent Society Small Group Program. Our commitment to reach families in BC and beyond comes to life with our innovative online delivery. Renowned globally, the Secret Agent Society stands as a premier method of structured learning aimed at children who need assistance with their social skills and emotional regulation.

Who Can Benefit from Social Skills Training?

secret agent society social skills and emotional regulation program
While SAS social skills program was first developed for children aged 8-12 years on the autism spectrum, the evidence base has expanded over time to demonstrate meaningful change for children with a range of diagnostic and neurodiverse profiles. However; in order to fully benefit, participants must be high functioning and their reading should be at grade level. 

SAS stands on a foundation of proven evidence, enhancing crucial life skills such as:

Emotion Recognition
(in self and others)

Social Skills
(for friendship and teamwork!)

Social Problem Solving
(important for friendships)


Emotion Regulation
(particularly anxiety and anger)


In SAS, Families can expect:

  • Guidance from a trained SAS Facilitator through a multi-session program taking around 6-8 months.

  • To commit to a series of weekly group meetings, then two booster sessions. Between regular Club Meetings, Cadets are supported by their adult Mentors to complete their Skill Tracker, Mission Journal and the SAS Digital HQ levels.

  • Flexible small group delivery in person or via telehealth with 3-4 Cadets or up to 6 Cadets when combining groups.

  • Use of an online platform through a compatible device for uninterrupted program access from anywhere.

  • Personalized wrap-around support for your child from parents and teachers who engage with the program using their Mentor Portal and digitized espionage-themed tools and resources.

  • A comprehensive and effective program backed by more than 20 publications.

  • A full suite of SAS missions and skill development activities across four focus areas: emotion recognition, emotion regulation, social skills and problem-solving.

| This Program Qualifies for Autism Funding |

How Effective is the SAS Program for Social Skills?

Showcasing real-life outcomes is essential for illustrating the effectiveness of any social skills program program. The story of Kai, a child with Autism, exemplifies the transformative power of the Secret Agent Society (SAS) Social Skills Training. Discover the profound impact SAS has had on Kai and his family by exploring their journey. This narrative not only highlights the program's success but also serves as a beacon for families seeking similar support. Engage with Kai's story to understand the potential benefits of SAS for children with Autism.

Need More Information?

Discover the transformative impact of the SAS Small Group Program, an award-winning and evidence-based initiative that has been enhancing children's social skills and emotional regulation globally for over a decade. Dive into our program's world with our informative trailer and see how we're changing lives with this inventive approach.

Watch the trailer to learn more about this program.

Our SAS Autism Programs This Fall

Fall 2024 - Thursdays (Online)
Cost $2895
Duration 9 sessions
Dates October 3 - November 28
Time 4:30pm to 6pm pt
Location Online through Zoom
Ages 8 - 12 years

Fall 2024 - Mondays (Online)
Cost $2895
Duration 9 sessions
Dates October 14 - December 16*
*No class November 11
Time 4pm to 5:30pm pt
Location Online through Zoom
Ages 8 - 12 years

Fall 2024 - Saturdays (In Person)
Cost $3195
Duration 9 sessions
Dates September 28 - December 7
*No classes October 12, November 9
Time 10:30am to Noon
Location The Professional Building
3211 152nd St, 4th Floor, Surrey, BC
Ages 8 - 12 years

Fall 2024 - Mondays (Home Learners - Online)
Cost $2895
Duration 9 sessions
Dates October 14 - December 16
*No class November 11
Time 2pm to 3:30pm pt
Location Online through Zoom
Ages 8 - 12 years

Given the popularity and proven impact of these sessions, be aware that spots are limited as the maximum class size is 6. To secure your place and express your interest, please fill out the Expression of Interest Form. For more info please contact us at or call our office at 778.839.5515.

secret agent society social skills and emotional regulation program

Cancellation & Refund Policy:

Your child is carefully placed in the most appropriate group as it is our intention for them to grow and flourish. Our clinicians take a lot of time, carefully constructing our groups and as such cancellations can be detrimental to the group dynamics and in some cases lead to cancellation of the class, which affects all families. We ask that you be fully informed and carefully consider what participation in the program might look like for your family before committing. Cancellations will be accepted up to 30 days prior to the start of the program and a full refund will be issued. Cancellation requests with less than 30 calendar days notice will be subject to payment of the full program fees. In some cases, we will, at the discretion of the Centre, allow a participant to transfer to a future class; however no refund will be issued.