Why are Social Skills Programs Important?

Developing social skills is essential for teens and young adults, especially those navigating ADHD, ASD, or social anxiety. Specialized social skills programs offer strategies for effective communication, interpreting social cues, and adapting to various social contexts, including casual dating. These initiatives provide a supportive environment to practice emotion management, empathy, and conflict resolution, vital for forming strong friendships and romantic connections. These skills not only enhance immediate social interactions, but also lay the foundation for lifelong personal and professional relationships.

Our Social Skills Programs for Teens & Young Adults

PEERS for Teens

Our PEERS for Teens program is social skills training designed for adolescents facing autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, anxiety, depression, and socio-emotional challenges. Developed by Dr. Elizabeth Laugeson at UCLA, this internationally acclaimed program focuses on enhancing teens' social skills through practical activities, emphasizing the critical role of parental involvement. Parents participate in dedicated sessions to learn supportive strategies, helping their teens navigate conversational nuances, disagreements, and responsible social media engagement, all within a supportive and professional framework.


PEERS for Young Adults

The PEERS for Young Adults program is tailored for those aged 18-30 to enhance social skills essential for fostering and maintaining friendships. This social skills training program involves young adults and their social coaches—parents or caregivers—in separate yet synchronized sessions. The curriculum covers a range of skills from conversation techniques to organizing social activities, requiring a dedicated social coach and commitment to full participation.


PEERS Dating Bootcamp

Our PEERS Dating Bootcamp is a specialized segment within the PEERS for Young Adults program at the West Coast Centre For Learning, focusing on enhancing dating skills for young adults. This segment, which requires prior completion of PEERS for Teens or registration in PEERS for Young Adults, offers strategies for developing romantic relationships. It covers expressing interest, asking someone out, and appropriate behaviors on dates, aiming to boost participants' confidence and skills in the dating world.


PEERS for Home Learners

The Peers For Home Learners program, designed for middle and high school students engaged in home learning, mirrors the respected PEERS curriculum, focusing on essential social skills. This social skills program offers a unique blend of interactive activities to enhance conversational abilities, understand humor, navigate electronic communications, and manage social interactions effectively. It's an ideal choice for home-schooled students looking to expand their social competencies in a supportive environment, with active involvement from parents as social coaches, ensuring a comprehensive approach to developing and maintaining valuable social connections.


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