Social Skills Training for the Holidays with Our Specialized Programs

Natasha Young

Social skills training online and in Surrey with the PEERS for Teens Program. Manage social commitments without anxiety this holiday season.

The holiday season often brings a mix of excitement and social challenges. At West Coast, we understand this dynamic. That’s why we offer specialized social skills training in Surrey, focusing on the PEERS approach. Our aim is to help teens and young adults navigate holiday socializing with ease.

Addressing Holiday Social Challenges

During the holidays, social gatherings and family events are common. These can be overwhelming, especially for those who find social nuances challenging. Our training, particularly through the PEERS programs, equips individuals with essential skills for these situations. The PEERS program stands out for its practical approach. Participants learn and apply social skills in real-life scenarios, which are abundant during the holidays. We cover everything from managing conversations at festive dinners to engaging in holiday events.

Our goal extends beyond teaching social skills. We strive to enhance overall holiday experiences. Through PEERS, participants gain confidence in initiating conversations and responding to social cues. These skills significantly reduce anxiety in social settings. Our support goes beyond the classroom. We offer ongoing guidance to ensure that the learned skills are practiced and refined. This is particularly important during the holidays, when social interactions are more frequent.

Explore our social skills training programs in Surrey this holiday season. Whether you’re facing social challenges or looking to polish your skills, our PEERS programs are here to assist. Let’s make your holiday interactions more enjoyable and fulfilling.


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