Spring Break Camps for Kids with Diverse Learning Needs

Our spring camps offer a refreshing start to the new season, focusing on rejuvenation and renewal in learning. Just as nature blossoms, so does the potential within each child. These camps are designed to re-ignite a love for learning after the winter months, preparing children for the end of the school year and beyond. Spring camps provide a unique blend of academic support and outdoor activities, ensuring kids stay active both mentally and physically. It's an ideal setting for children to refresh their skills, embrace new challenges, and enter the final school term with confidence and enthusiasm.

Spring Break Camps Offered by West Coast Centre for Learning 

Social Skills Training with SAS

Our Secret Agent Society Spring Break Camp is a nurturing environment specifically designed for children facing challenges in social interactions due to conditions such as ASD, ADHD, anxiety, or other social challenges. During Spring Break, participants are in for an exhilarating week of developing emotional intelligence and social skills. This camp is designed to make managing emotions and social encounters a fun and interactive experience. Our SAS camp offers an engaging blend of arts & crafts, coupled with exhilarating missions, each designed to enhance social skills and emotional awareness. Our camp is filled with interactive experiences like scavenger hunts and spy gadgets. These covert activities are not just fun, they're carefully crafted to encourage teamwork, empathy, and understanding among peers. As children navigate these adventures, they develop better communication, learn to read social cues, and understand their own emotions as well as those of others. It's a unique way to keep young minds engaged, excited, and growing in social and emotional intelligence.


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