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Join the Secret Agent Society Spring Break Camp

Social Skills Camps in surrey at west coast centre for learning

Do Any of These Describe Your Child?

  • Bright but struggles with social interactions
  • Finds understanding social cues challenging
  • Difficulty in making and maintaining friendships
  • Feels anxious or overwhelmed in social situations
  • Shows reluctance to engage in group activities
  • Questions their ability to fit in with peers

The Secret Agent Society (SAS) program at West Coast Centre for Learning is designed to address these challenges. Through engaging missions and activities, Our SAS Spring Break Camp helps children enhance their social skills, build confidence in social settings, and understand complex emotions.

We Can Help Equip Your Child with Essential Social Skills and the Confidence to Shine in Every Interaction.

Discover Fun with Friends this Spring Break

Social Skills Camps in surrey at west coast centre for learning

Dive into the spring season with our engaging blend of activities, all designed to boost social skills and emotional intelligence. Our Spring Break Camp is buzzing with interactive activities like: 


These carefully crafted adventures are more than just fun, they're a journey towards fostering teamwork, empathy, and mutual understanding among participants. As children embark on these springtime adventures, they enhance their communication skills, learn to interpret social cues, and gain deeper insights into their emotions and those of their peers, keeping their minds active and growing in social and emotional intelligence.

Apply Your Skills in the Real World

Social Skills Camps in surrey at west coast centre for learning

We go beyond just fun, our social skills programs in Surrey integrate learning with practical life skills for home, school, and play. Along with enhancing social skills for friendship and teamwork, our program also focuses on emotion recognition and regulation, crucial for handling feelings like anxiety and anger. It's about applying the lessons from our social skills programs seamlessly into daily life, empowering campers to solve social problems and manage emotions effectively.

Who Can Benefit from Our Spring Break Camp?

educational camps for autism and social skills. online and in Surrey. west coast centre for learning

While the Secret Agent Society (SAS) program was initially developed for children aged 8-12 years on the autism spectrum, its effectiveness has broadened to include children with diverse neurodiverse profiles and diagnoses. This includes providing meaningful support for children experiencing anxiety and anger issues. However, to fully benefit from the program, participants should be high-functioning, and their reading skills need to be at grade level. This ensures they can engage effectively with the program’s content and activities.

Our Upcoming SAS Spring Break Camps

Registration opens March 15

Watch for new sessions coming in Spring 2025!

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Cancellation & Refund Policy:

Your child is carefully placed in the most appropriate group as it is our intention for them to grow and flourish. Our clinicians take a lot of time, carefully constructing our groups and as such cancellations can be detrimental to the group dynamics and in some cases lead to cancellation of the class, which affects all families. We ask that you be fully informed and carefully consider what participation in the program might look like for your family before committing. Cancellations will be accepted up to 30 days prior to the start of the program and a full refund will be issued. Cancellation requests with less than 30 calendar days notice will be subject to payment of the full program fees. In some cases, we will, at the discretion of the Centre, allow a participant to transfer to a future class; however no refund will be issued.