Announcing Our Spring 2024 THRIVE – ADHD + Me Program

Natasha Young

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Enroll your child this Spring in our fantastic ‘THRIVE – ADHD + Me’ program. This 9-week ADHD program uniquely blends engaging instruction with physical fitness. Its goal? To teach children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Syndrome how to thrive beyond their diagnosis. In THRIVE, children not only learn strategies for managing ADHD, but also gain a deeper understanding of how their brain works and the reasons behind their behaviors.

What makes THRIVE stand out is its addition of exercise, a highly effective method for easing ADHD symptoms. Active kids do more than burn off energy; they activate the front part of their brains. Challenging the brain in this way kick-starts the attention system.

Who Benefits from THRIVE?

THRIVE welcomes children with ADHD and their siblings. We invite siblings to join these classes so that they can become advocates and gain insight into ADHD by actively engaging in the activities. Additionally, THRIVE is suitable for kids dealing with anxiety, depression, working memory, executive function challenges, or high-functioning autism. Importantly, an official diagnosis isn’t a prerequisite for participation.

Structured for Success

Every session in THRIVE starts with a clear routine, crucial for kids with ADHD. Our 30-minute fitness sessions are far from ordinary workouts, these sessions are tailored to enhance focus, strength, and overall well-being, key elements for children with ADHD.

Beyond Fitness: Practical ADHD Management

Fitness is just part of our approach. THRIVE also focuses on practical strategies for managing ADHD. We equip kids with tools to navigate daily life, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth.

Reserve Your Spot This Spring! Join our Spring session, beginning this April, for just $595. Spots are filling up fast! Enroll your child today in our ADHD program and take a big step towards managing ADHD with confidence.

If you would like more information on our ADHD programs you can click HERE or CONTACT someone from our centre to see how we can help you.

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