Transforming Lives: Success Stories from the PEERS for Teens Program

Natasha Young

PEERS for Teens Program Online and In Person. Success Stories from WCCL

Our PEERS for Teens program Online and In Person at West Coast Centre for Learning isn’t just a program; it’s a catalyst for social transformations. This post celebrates these transformations, highlighting testimonials from participants and their parents.

Voices of Transformation

One parent expressed gratitude, noting, “Thank you for teaching us extremely useful social skills. It has been helpful not just for my teen but for me as well.” This reflects the program’s impact, extending beyond just the teens to their families.

Another parent shared, “My teen now understands social expectations better and handles situations more adeptly.” This shows how the program clarifies the often-murky waters of social interactions for teenagers.

Moreover, confidence is a recurring theme. “My teen navigates social situations with more confidence, armed with many strategies,” says a parent. This confidence transcends into general interactions, as another teen becomes more proficient in initiating conversations and arranging meet-ups.

Beyond Basic Social Skills

For some, the program reinforced existing skills. “My outgoing teen learned to appreciate the unique struggles and perspectives of others,” one parent observed. This understanding of diversity and personal development is crucial in today’s world.

Another significant aspect is the practical application of skills. “Real-life practice, like making appointments and finding conversation topics, provided invaluable experience,” highlights a testimonial. This hands-on approach makes our PEERS for Teens program distinct.

To sum up, these reviews paint a picture of growth, confidence, and newfound understanding achieved through the PEERS for Teens program. Each teen’s journey is unique, yet they all share a common thread of enhanced social skills and personal development. At West Coast Centre for Learning, we’re proud to witness and facilitate these life-changing experiences.