Summer Camps for Kids with Diverse Learning Needs

West Coast Centre for Learning's summer camps transform the break into a dynamic learning adventure. Tailored for kids, especially those facing challenges like autism, ADHD, and learning disabilities, our camps blend fun with educational enrichment. They foster essential life skills such as teamwork and problem-solving, in a supportive setting. Each child is encouraged to explore, overcome challenges, and grow. Our programs keep kids academically engaged, building confidence and social skills. It's an opportunity for every child to thrive, making summer a season of discovery and growth.

Summer Camps Offered by West Coast Centre for Learning 

Brain Booster Camp

Summer arrives, and often, learning takes a break, particularly for those students who need it the most. Academic progress achieved during the school year might fade away, setting students back as they return in the fall. This summer slide affects not just the students but also educators, who spend the initial weeks revisiting previously covered material. West Coast Centre for Learning and the Fast ForWord at-home reading program are here to offer a solution, ensuring your child's learning continues, blending fun with educational growth with our Summer Learning Camps for Kids. These camps help prepare your child for the fall ensuring they get the learning boost they need, and maintain their competitive edge when school begins in September.


Academic Improvement

Summer is a crucial time to keep the momentum of learning alive, especially for students who benefit the most from continuous educational engagement. The transition from structured school days to the relaxed pace of summer often leads to the "summer slide," where academic achievements start to decrease, potentially setting students back as they re-enter school in the fall. Recognizing this challenge, we offer our Online Reading Improvement Camp, an innovative solution designed to counteract this educational backslide. These camps are focused on improving key cognitive skills, such as memory, attention, and problem-solving, through an online platform. They offer flexible participation, allowing children to engage in brain-boosting activities remotely while still receiving personalized attention and guidance. 


SAS Social Skills Training

The Social Skills Camp is a nurturing environment specifically designed for children facing challenges in social interactions due to conditions such as ASD, ADHD, anxiety, or other social challenges. Through a structured program that emphasizes teaching and active practice of social skills, participants learn essential interpersonal skills in a supportive setting. The camp uses a combination of interactive lessons, group activities, and individual feedback to help children understand social cues, improve communication skills, and build lasting friendships. Tailored to encourage positive social behaviors, this camp offers a safe space for children to grow socially and emotionally, making it a cornerstone for personal development.


PEERS Friendship Skills Boot Camp

Developed at UCLA, the PEERS Friendship Skills Boot Camp is an internationally recognized program aimed at children who struggle with making and maintaining friendships. This evidence-based camp teaches crucial social skills through a mix of interactive instruction, role-play demonstrations, and group activities. Campers have the opportunity to practice these new skills in a supportive environment, with direct coaching from skilled professionals. Covering key aspects of social interaction such as conversing, choosing friends, and managing disagreements, this camp empowers children with the confidence and skills needed for positive social interactions.


Executive Function

Executive Functioning Skills Camp targets the development of crucial executive functions like planning, organization, time management, and flexible thinking. Designed for children who experience difficulties with these cognitive processes, the camp employs a hands-on approach to learning. Through engaging activities, practical exercises, and group discussions, campers are taught strategies to enhance their executive skills, which are vital for academic achievement and daily life. This camp not only focuses on improving cognitive capabilities but also on building confidence and independence, preparing children for success both in and out of the classroom.



Our THRIVE – ADHD + Me Camps are specifically tailored for children with ADHD, focusing on strategies and skills to manage symptoms and improve social, academic, and emotional well-being. Through a comprehensive program that includes behavior management techniques, social skills training, and academic support, this camp addresses the unique challenges faced by children with ADHD. Kids will engage in a activities designed to enhance focus, organizational skills, and emotional regulation, all within a supportive and understanding community. These camps are an invaluable resource for children looking to overcome the obstacles of ADHD and thrive in every aspect of their lives.


If you require more information on our summer camps or would like to speak with one of our experts, please feel free to contact us, we'd be happy to help!

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