Tackle Summer Learning Loss with Tailored Programs

Natasha Young

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Summer often causes a learning regression, with children potentially losing up to two months of academic progress. Those with autism, ADHD, and learning disabilities might slip even more. At West Coast Centre for Learning, our individualized summer learning programs prevent this summer slide. We offer flexible, home-based and online programs that help children maintain and enhance their academic skills, giving them an edge when September arrives.

Addressing ADHD and Executive Function Challenges:

Our programs, such as Executive Function Coaching and THRIVE – ADHD + Me Camp, are crucial. They support teenagers and young adults struggling with organization, time management, and emotional control. Specifically designed for those with ADHD, these programs provide personalized strategies that unlock potential and ensure academic and personal success.

Boosting Reading and Cognitive Abilities:

Programs like Fast ForWord and ClearFluency are integral to our summer offerings. They build a strong cognitive foundation critical for learning. Suitable for children starting at age four, these programs involve just 30 minutes of daily activities. They significantly boost reading fluency and comprehension throughout the summer.

Combining Programs for Comprehensive Support:

Combining these individualized programs ensures comprehensive developmental support. By addressing both cognitive skills and specific academic needs, West Coast Centre for Learning guarantees a productive and enriching summer. This holistic approach prepares every student for the upcoming school year and beyond.

Enroll your child in our individualized summer learning programs today. Prevent the summer slide and equip them with the skills needed for future success.