Mastering Social Cues with PEERS for Young Adults

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peers social skills programs for Teens and Young Adults ADHD, Autism, Learning Disabilities & More

Navigating social situations can be a challenge, especially for some young adults trying to understand the confusing nature of social skills. The PEERS for Young Adults program social skills training in Surrey and online offers a lifeline, providing invaluable skills for creating meaningful connections.

Celebrating Success: Our PEERS Program Online Graduates Shine Bright

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social skills training. Peers program for teen and young adults online and in surrey. at west coast centre for learning

For many of us, ending an important program is not only an achievement, but it is a turning point in our lives. This is especially true for the participants of our PEERS program online, who we celebrate today. Their graduation is not just about getting through the curriculum. It’s about the personal growth they’ve experienced, the friendships they’ve made, and … Read More

New Year, New Focus: Enhancing Social Skills for Success

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Cogmed working memory program. executive functioning program. online. surrey

As we start the New Year, it’s imperative to focus on life skills, especially for our kids and teens. Social skills training plays a pivotal role in this developmental journey. It’s not just about learning how to communicate, it’s about building the foundation for meaningful relationships and successful interactions for now and in the future.

PEERS Spring Registration is Open!

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PEERS for teens Social Skills Training at west coast centre for learning

PEERS: Social Skills Program for the Modern Teenager. Spring Registration is Open for Both Online and In Person programs. Begins late February!

PEERS for Teens Registration is Open

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PEERS Program Online and In Person. Success Stories from WCCL

PEERS for Teens Registration is Open for Both Online and In Person programs! Read on to see how this social skills program has help your teen.

Transforming Lives: Success Stories from the PEERS for Teens Program

Natasha Young

PEERS for Teens Program Online and In Person. Success Stories from WCCL

Our PEERS for Teens program Online and In Person at West Coast Centre for Learning isn’t just a program; it’s a catalyst for social transformations. This post celebrates these transformations, highlighting testimonials from participants and their parents.

Unlock Social Success with the PEERS Programs

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peers programs for teens online home learners surrey bc

Discover the foundations of PEERS programs at West Coast Centre for Learning, available for teens and young adults online, in-person, & as home learners.