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What is The Listening Program for Adults?

the listening program for adults online and in surrey at west coast centre for learning

The Listening Program for Adults (TLP) is a music-based auditory stimulation method designed to support individuals facing various challenges related to auditory processing, emotional regulation, learning, and communication. TLP employs specifically arranged music to train the brain to process sound more efficiently, which can lead to improvements in attention, listening, memory, and even stress management. This program is beneficial for adults with auditory processing disorders, those experiencing stress and anxiety, educators or professionals seeking to enhance their communication skills, and individuals with brain injuries or neurological conditions seeking rehabilitation. TLP's structured and evidence-based approach makes it a versatile tool for improving overall mental wellness and cognitive functioning.

West Coast Centre for Learning offers two different programs to help you attain success whether it's for therapeutic reasons, personal goals or for improved job performance.



Achieving goals and unlocking potential requires sharpening skills like focus, communication, and time management, alongside boosting creativity and persistence. The Listening Program's Achieve, tailored for adults at intermediate to advanced levels, uses evidence-based music to enhance mental performance.

This program, featuring music from the Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble, utilizes Spatial Surround® sound to enrich auditory experiences with compositions from Mozart and others. It progresses through four frequency zones, targeting brain areas to improve auditory processing, executive functions, and stress reduction, thus supporting personal and professional development efficiently.

Level One

the listening program for adults online and in surrey at west coast centre for learning

LEVEL ONE from The Listening Program® suits adults seeking to enhance brain function, offering music alone or combined with nature sounds. It features compositions by renowned composers, played by the Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble, and is structured in four frequency zones to stimulate different brain functions, tailored to adult needs in areas like executive function and stress management.

LEVEL ONE offers:

  • Support for a healthy life balance of mind, body, emotion, and spirit
  • Support for therapeutic wellness and rehabilitative goals
  • Support for achieving higher states of physical, mental, musical, and creative ability

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