What is The Listening Program for Children?

The Listening Program for auditory problems, brain injury, memory. program offered at west coast centre for learning
The Listening Program for children is a sound brain fitness program tailored to meet individual needs, targeting specific areas of brain performance to aid recovery and development. It's designed for children recovering from brain injuries, facing learning and attention difficulties, communication and auditory processing challenges, sensory issues, stress management needs, or striving for academic success. This evidence-based neurodevelopmental intervention, incorporating music therapy, has been effective since its inception in 1999, offering a safe, accessible, and affordable solution to enhance cognitive functions.

Who Can Benefit?

the listening program for reading and cognition and learning disabilities. west cost centre for learning

The Listening Program is specifically designed to aid children facing challenges such as sound sensitivities, hearing loss, learning and attention deficits, language and perceptual difficulties, developmental delays, and various auditory processing disorders. Through acoustically-modified music, it offers therapeutic benefits including reduced stress, improved focus, enhanced self-regulation, and better learning and memory capabilities, making a significant impact on children's health, wellness, and educational development.

Proven Results

Used and trusted by hundreds of thousands of people in over 35 countries, TLP is offered through an international network of trained providers. TLP has global effects on the brain, and is commonly used to support changes in a wide range of brain performance areas: Executive Function, Communication, Auditory Processing, Social & Emotional Function, Stress Response, Motor Coordination, Creativity.

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Listen to a sample of The Listening Program® music, or watch an introductory video.

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