Rescheduled Webinar Announcement – Transform Your Cognitive Health

Natasha Young

programs for stress management, mental health, adhd and autism, social skills training and learning disabilities. online and in surrey. west coast centre for learning

Are you feeling overwhelmed by options yet still seeking the right support for yourself or your child? The Listening Program is a groundbreaking, drug-free therapy rooted in brain science. It offers help for families and professionals looking for effective developmental support.


The Listening Program for children and adults with Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, stress, auditory processing disorder. online programs available

By Attending The Listening Program webinar, You Will:

  • Gain insights from a leader in the field of music listening therapy.
  • Learn how The Listening Program supports therapeutic and educational interventions.
  • Uncover the ways TLP can contribute to health & wellness for all ages.

Join Mandy and the West Coast Centre for Learning community as we explore the transformative power of TLP.

Who Can Benefit From The Listening Program?

  • TLP was designed for families navigating life with children who have ADHD and autism, children or adults with sensory & auditory processing issues, and for professionals seeking enhanced cognitive clarity and relief from stress and anxiety. It is perfect for every family member, guiding them towards positive growth and a calmer, more focused life.

Where do You Listen?

  • TLP’s genius lies in its flexibility. Whether you’re at home, in a classroom, or a therapy session, TLP integrates seamlessly into your daily life. The goal? To help improve mental performance and boost brain power for everyone.

What kind of Improvements might You See?

  • Within just ten weeks, children should see improvements in their sensory processing, concentration, and social skills. Adults will love the benefits of stress reduction, relief from anxiety, and improved focus, making work and life easier to navigate.

Try TLP Today

Curious about the difference TLP can make? Start a transformative journey with our 7-day free trial at Experience how TLP can elevate cognitive capabilities, guiding each participant towards their fullest potential.

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Click HERE to join us on Monday June 3rd at 7pm!!