What is Thrive for ADHD Program?

THRIVE with ADHD Program at west coast centre for learning

THRIVE is unique 9 week ADHD program that combines practical and engaging instruction and physical fitness, with the goal of teaching children diagnosed with

How is this ADHD Program Beneficial?

THRIVE with ADHD Program at west coast centre for learning

THRIVE was developed to give children with ADHD strategies and a greater understanding of their diagnosis. Children gain knowledge of how their brain works and why they do the things they do. The THRIVE ADHD program uniquely incorporates exercise which is helpful in relieving ADHD symptoms. Active kids aren't just burning off excess energy; they're turning on the front part of their brains. When you challenge your brain, you are activating the attention system. That is why exercise sharpens focus for children with both hyperactive/impulsive ADHD and inattentive ADHD

Who is Thrive for?

THRIVE with ADHD Program at west coast centre for learning

THRIVE is suitable for children diagnosed with ADHD and their siblings. Participants may also present with anxiety, depression, working memory and executive function challenge and/or high functioning autism. An official diagnosis is not required in order to participate. Siblings are invited to register in THRIVE classes to gain a better understanding of ADHD as it pertains to their brother or sister through active participation in the activities.

How is This ADHD Program Structured?

THRIVE with ADHD Program at west coast centre for learning

Shape of the Day: As routine is of vital importance to children diagnosed with ADHD; we always start each session by carefully explaining the shape of the day.

Fitness Training: There are two 30 minute physical fitness training sessions each week which not only helps to burn off extra energy but children have a chance to engage in exercises that cross the midline, build strength and cardio!

Practical Teaching: Our practical teaching includes two 30 minute sessions that teach children how to thrive with ADHD by first understanding what it is and then providing practical strategies on the following:
  • Managing self-control
  • Managing impulses
  • Managing emotions – Anger, frustration outbursts
  • Making good decisions
  • Developing skills for focus, attention and listening
  • Making good habits and routines
  • Success at home, at school and with friends
  • Advocating for oneself
  • Homework
  • Making long term plans

THRIVE ADHD program is offered in partnership with Rise Fitness Collective in Cloverdale. Participants are required to come dressed in
active wear including running shoes. Please bring a water bottle.

Our Upcoming THRIVE ADHD Program

New sessions coming soon!

Fall 2024
Cost $595
Duration 9 sessions
Dates October 5 - December 7*
*No class November 9
Time 1:30pm to 3:30pm
Location Rise Fitness Collective
#306 17750 65A Ave, Surrey, BC
Ages 6 - 13

Program Placement:

We will contact you to do a short intake interview to ensure that your child is a good fit for our ADHD program after you have registered your child.

Group placement is determined by clinicians. Acceptance into the program is not guaranteed.


Payment is taken at the time of registration. Program fees will be refunded in the event that our clinicians determine that the program is not a good fit.

Health & Safety Measures:

The health and safety of our visitors, employees, clients and our fellow tenants, is our number one priority. As such, we ask that if you're not feeling well – even if you only have mild symptoms – please stay home.

Cancellation & Refund Policy:

Your child is carefully placed in the most appropriate group as it is our intention for them to grow and flourish. Our clinicians take a lot of time, carefully constructing our groups and as such cancellations can be detrimental to the group dynamics and in some cases lead to cancellation of the class, which affects all families. We ask that you be fully informed and carefully consider what participation in the program might look like for your family before committing. Cancellations will be accepted up to 30 days prior to the start of the program and a full refund will be issued. Cancellation requests with less than 30 calendar days notice will be subject to payment of the full program fees. In some cases, we will, at the discretion of the Centre, allow a participant to transfer to a future class; however no refund will be issued.