Camps for Kids with Diverse Learning Needs

Our Winter Camps are a great way for kids to end the year on a high note and kickstart the new one. Aimed at keeping academics and social skills active during the winter break, these camps mix learning with fun activities. They offer kids a chance to sharpen their skills, face new challenges, and head back to school full of confidence and ready to tackle what comes next. Perfect for parents looking to keep their children engaged and prepared, our camps provide a balanced and enriching winter experience.

Winter Camps Offered by West Coast Centre for Learning 

Social Skills Training with SAS

The Secret Agent Society Winter Camp creates a supportive space for children with ASD, ADHD, anxiety, or social difficulties. It turns the Winter Break into a journey of emotional and social skill development. The camp combines arts, crafts, and thrilling missions to teach managing emotions and social interactions in an engaging way. Activities like scavenger hunts and using spy gadgets not only entertain but also promote teamwork, empathy, and communication skills. This approach offers a fun way for kids to enhance their social and emotional intelligence during the winter.


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