What is Executive Function?

Executive function programs play a crucial role. They target key cognitive skills essential for planning, focusing, remembering instructions, and multitasking. For children, especially those with ADHD, enrolling in executive function programs is vital. These children often find it challenging to navigate the demands of these executive skills. Such challenges affect everything from classroom behavior to social interactions and homework.

Think of executive function programs as the brain's air traffic control. They equip kids to sort tasks, control impulses, and adapt to changes seamlessly. For kids with ADHD, these programs are a cornerstone. They improve academic performance, enhance social skills, and raise overall well-being. Starting these programs young lays a strong foundation for success.

Executive function programs offer invaluable support across the board. Children with learning disabilities, autism (ASD), Dyslexia, or Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) find significant benefits. These programs focus on honing organization, time management, focus, and emotional regulation. They prepare children to excel in the classroom and beyond, promoting positive interactions with peers and family. Ultimately, they foster a sense of achievement and well-being, enriching children's lives.

Executive Function Programs at West Coast Centre for Learning 

Executive Function Coaching

At West Coast Centre for Learning, we offer a specialized Executive Function Coaching program tailored for children 10 and up struggling with ADHD, ADD, learning disabilities, or challenges related to executive functioning. This program focuses on developing essential skills, including organization, time management, self-regulation, and socializing, crucial for both academic success and everyday life.

The coaching process begins with a comprehensive assessment to understand each child's unique needs, followed by personalized one-on-one coaching sessions. Our commitment extends beyond these sessions, providing ongoing support to ensure steady progress. Central to our method is a client-centered approach, employing practical, real-world strategies that resonate with each child’s experiences.


Cogmed Memory Training

West Coast Centre for Learning introduces Cogmed Working Memory Training, a targeted program enhancing working memory and attention with adaptive exercises. This computer-based training, supported by personalized coaching, is ideal for children aiming to boost cognitive functions.

Tailored to address challenges associated with ADHD and those struggling with academic challenges, it leverages neuroplasticity to improve focus and learning. Our executive functioning emphasis ensures participants receive practical, real-world strategies for noticeable cognitive enhancement. Cogmed stands out  because it goes beyond vague claims to deliver specific, substantial benefits.



Discover the Thrive ADHD Program at West Coast Centre for Learning, a unique 9-week journey crafted for children diagnosed with ADHD. This innovative course blends practical instruction with physical fitness, providing insights into their condition alongside effective coping strategies.

In the heart of the program, children engage in fitness training and practical teaching sessions. These sessions are tailored to hone skills in self-control, emotional management, decision-making, focus, and habit formation. Designed not just for children with ADHD but also for their siblings, Thrive promotes a deeper understanding and management of ADHD symptoms. It encourages active participation, leading to better handling and awareness of these challenges.


The Movement Program

West Coast Centre For Learning offers The Movement Program, designed to boost learning outcomes in children 8 and older. Through fun, daily online routines, it enhances reading, writing, focus, and coordination, among other skills. Proven especially beneficial for children with DCD, ADHD, Dyslexia, or those facing academic challenges, it lays the groundwork for improved learning and sports performance.

In the heart of the program, children engage in fitness training and practical teaching sessions. These sessions are tailored to hone skills in self-control, emotional management, decision-making, focus, and habit formation.


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