At West Coast Centre for Learning, we understand the importance of precise and comprehensive educational assessments to support individual learning journeys. To meet this need, we provide three specialized types: Psychoeducational Assessments, Level B Assessments, and Informal Assessments. Each type is designed to uncover distinct aspects of a learner's cognitive and academic abilities, helping to identify areas where they excel and where they may require additional support. Whether you are seeking a detailed analysis of learning disabilities, a comparison of academic skills against standardized norms, or a quick overview of current abilities, our range of assessments ensures that every learner's educational needs are thoroughly addressed.

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Psychoeducational Assessments

Psychoeducational assessments are comprehensive evaluations that utilize a variety of standardized tools to analyze an individual's cognitive and academic abilities in relation to their age-based peers. These assessments are critical for identifying specific learning disabilities, cognitive strengths and weaknesses, and academic needs. They provide families and educators with clear insights into a student’s learning profile, helping to tailor educational interventions effectively.

Conducted by experienced and qualified psychologists at our center in Surrey, psychoeducational testing involves a detailed examination of intellectual functioning, academic skills, processing abilities, and, if necessary, social-emotional behavior. The outcome not only highlights areas requiring support but also helps in tracking academic progress and determining the necessity for further specialized evaluations.

Please note that fees vary depending on the scope and nature of the testing involved.


Level B Assessments:

Academic assessments, or “Level B” assessments, are conducted using standardized tools and can help pinpoint gaps in reading, writing or math development in relation to age-based standardized norms. These allow families to clearly understand if their child has gaps in their academic achievement, to monitor progress, or to determine if there is a need for further assessment with an educational psychologist.

Level B testing is conducted in person by a highly trained and qualified clinician at our office in Surrey. Depending on the assessment tools used, fees for this type of assessment range.

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Informal Assessments:

Initial informal assessments are used to get a snapshot of the current level of reading, math and cognitive functioning of the individual. This helps clinicians and families to better understand any struggles with learning and reasons why the problem may be occurring. Our testing is used to not “label” but rather they are a tool used to better understand how to support the individual as well as to apply suitable programs and interventions. These can be done in our office but most commonly are completed online from the comfort of home. Please contact us for initial assessments costs.

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